TurboScore is a software designed to quickly produce professional looking Chords & Lyrics scores.

  • Create your Chords & Lyrics score using a full-featured integrated editor.
  • Import/export your score from/to the most common Chords & Lyrics formats: plain text files and ChordPro files.
  • Use a powerful set of commands to give your printed score a professional appearance.
  • Transpose your score in seconds, either just visually (in the rendered score) or permanently in the editor.
  • Choose your favorite note naming conventions: Standard, Latin, German.
  • Include guitar and piano chord diagrams.
  • Include guitar tablatures.
  • Play your score with the internal MIDI player, or export it to a standard MIDI file.

TurboScore is free

TurboScore is really 100% free: no limitations, no time-outs, no nags, no adware, no banner ads and no spyware. It can be freely used and distributed provided that neither code nor documentation are altered in any way.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, Linux Wine
  • 6.5MB of free disk space
  • Screen capable of at least 800x600 recommended

TurboScore doesn't install any DLL or OCX or any other component in your Windows folders. It doesn't use the registry, except to register its Uninstall program.

For this reason TurboScore is highly portable, you can move it from one machine to another by simply copying its folder. Similarly, you can run it from any memory device with no need to install it on the target machine.

Download & Installation

Download the TSInstall.exe from the link below, run it and follow the instructions. You will be prompted with a few installing options.

Download TurboScore


TurboScore is thoroughly documented (user's manual in html, chm and pdf formats) and includes a tutorial. You can have a preview of the manual at the link below.

TurboScore Manual


If you find bugs or want to suggest improvements, please contact me.


The editor

The full-featured editor has syntax highlighting, bookmarking, templates and much more.

The satellite map

The rich language allow highest control over the final format.

The elliptical-projection map

The appearance of all the score elements is controlled by styles.

The Preferences window

Guitar and piano chord diagrams - either standard or custom - can be inserted anywhere in the page.

TRMap, the map designer

The structured format is a unique feature of TurboScore. The distances of a chord from the beginning of a the line represents the moment (in terms of bars and beats) when the chord is played. Every score line actually becomes a time-line, where times get converted into distances.

TRComp, the AI programming IDE

The score can include ASCII tablatures or images generated with other softwares.

The Preferences window

Though not a full featured MIDI arranger or MIDI sequencer, TurboScore supports the creation of simple MIDI sequences, which are useful to test, by listening, if the chords are correct.

TRMap, the map designer

TurboScore can import from files in other formats. The process is guided by the import wizard.

TRComp, the AI programming IDE

Your score can be exported to other text formats, or its rendered form can be printed or saved to PDF through a virtual PDF printer.


Some people gave a contribution to make TurboScore a better program. Thank you to:

  • Martin Leclerc and Mario Dorion for their program Chord, which inspired TurboScore.
  • Massimo Schenato and Giovanni Mezzadri for beta-testing.
Copyright © 1996-2013 by Mario Ferrari. All Rights Reserved.