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I received my first LegoŽ box around 1964, when I was four. LegoŽ has been by far my favourite toy for many years, until I thought I was too old to play with it (and I was wrong). In 1998 the Lego Mindstorms RIS set pulled me out of my "dark age", and now Lego is again one of my main interests.

Even though I don't like the current commercial policy of The Lego Company, even though I think the original concept has been sometimes betrayed, I still believe LegoŽ is the thing on earth closest to the perfect toy.



Projects with Lego Mindstorms.

Train & Town

Projects about Lego trains & buildings.


Projects with Lego Technic.

Lego from the 60s and 70s

My oldest Lego parts, including what I believe is the first Lego electronic brick…


LEGO Worlds - the Official Lego site.

LUGNET™ - the absolutely great Unofficial, fan-created Lego User Group Network. You can find there newsgroups dedicated to every Lego theme, tons of links, a searchable database and much, much more.

ItLUG - Italian Lego Users Group - the Italian Lego Users Group! A source to find other Lego fans who live in Italy to share ideas (and bricks) with. Site in Italian and English.

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