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Aragosta (means "Lobster") was designed to attend a robotic Mini-Sumo challenge during a public exhibition in Milan.

Mini-Sumo is a variant of the robotic Sumo that our Italian Mindstorms group defined to be limited to RIS parts only (a single RIS). As color changes were allowed, I made Aragosta out of a yellow-black-gray version of the standard RIS 1.0 equipment.

Aragosta was built using a very simple architecture: differential drive with 1:25 ratio, a light sensor to detect the border of the field, two antennas to locate the opponent.

This was my first robot programmed with pbForth. Learning Forth was a sort of challenge in the challenge, but I must admit it's been fun!

Side view. I tried and used as many parts as possible to give Aragosta the maximum weight. This is true also for all the gears placed behind the RCX, and for most of the other pieces.
The resulting look is a bit weird...:-)
Bottom view.
Detail of the normally-closed switches connected to the antennas.
In action! Aragosta engages Tino during the tournament in Milan (photo courtesy of Stefano Gatti).
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