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Modified Crocodile Engine

A modified version of the 4551 Crocodile engine set, that features working lights and weighed down bogies (to improve stability during turns).

In this side view you can guess the position of the red 2x6x2 weighed element.

The two bottom lights are made with a 1x4 dual light brick. Note that there's a 1x2 electric plate between the light brick and the connector.
The bulbs fit perfectly into two 1x1 technic brick with hole.

A second connector is attached behind the first one, to bring power to the third, upper lamp.

The third lamp is made with a 2x1 light brick. The bulb's been inserted into a 2x1 technic brick (single hole).
Three 1x1 clear round plates complete the look of the lamps.

The bogie is ready to be closed. Everything fits tightly but with no stress inside.
A cable crosses the weighed element and goes back to the main body of the loco, where's attached to the 9v train motor plug (not showed).

The bogie finished and closed. It's just slightly taller than the original one.

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