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During the night before the fifth ItLUG Legofest, Antonio Ianiero and I designed and built this rather unconventional robot to take part to the robotic Sumo challenge.

And it WON!

Partly to joke and partly to be provocative, we went for a brute force approach and built the less "robotic" of the competitors, a strategy meaningful only by virtue of the rule that stated a face to face start.
The element of originality in Eolo is its locomotion system, entirely pneumatic, based on the pneumatic motor described in the wonderful CSSOH'S Lego Pneumatics Page. The motor is supplied by 7 air tanks pre-loaded by manual pumping. So the RCX is there just to open the valve at the start!

Front view, bumper closed.

To reduce the chance for the opponent to avoid it, Eolo features an extra-large bumber. At the beginning the bumper stays upright to keep Eolo inside the size limitations of the tournament (32x32 studs), then after the start it gets pushed down through a second motor.
In consequence of this architecture the software is really a short piece of code: at the start activates the motor to open the bumper, then wait 5 seconds (to accomplish the rules) and finally opens the valve to start the pneumatic engines.
Eolo has no sensors, and no chance to stop or change direction. It just pushes in the hope to get the opponent off the field. But if the latter succeed in avoiding it, Eolo kills itself running stupidly up to the border of the field and over.
In the picture you can see the Code Pilot and some battery boxes (3). They're there just to add weight up to the allowed limit.

Rear view. Some of the air tanks were really loosely secured!

Eolo facing Davide (by Marco Beri).

Top view, RCX and other stuff removed.

Bottom view.

The right side of the pneumatic motor.

Close-up of one valve of the motor.

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