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This is a modified version of the R2-D2 robot originally designed by The Lego Company for the Droid Developer Kit set. It features a Scout unit connected to a Microscout through the VLL protocol.
Even if the overall look is not very far from the original, the design has been heavily modified to support many added features:

- Two motors applied to the main side wheels to allow better control of motion. The central wheel is now just a free wheel.

- The Microscout acts like a third motor controlled by the Scout (in "P" mode), and rotates the head of the robot.

- A fourth motor was added to drive a fiber-optic device just to make the robot more colorful.

- Two bumpers allow the robot to detect obstacles.

This robot attended a game called "interactions" during the Italian Legofest on Nov. 28 1999.

Top-front view.

Back view. The Microscout drives a pulley connected to the head with a short flex cable. When the Microscout motor runs the head swings left-right.

Bottom view. The chassis has been modified and reinforced to host the motors and carry the additional weight.

In this side view you can note the optic-fiber that connects the Scout to the Microscout.

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