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This vehicle, which lightly resembles an ancient car, is equipped with a motor-driven 2 speed gear and a motor-driven steering gear. It starts with first gear and after a while inserts the second. When it bumps into an obstacle tries to avoid it with the following procedure:

  • Stop.
  • Go back for a while reversing the main power, inserting the first gear again and steering left.
  • - Stop again.
  • - Start in forward direction while steering right.
  • - After a few seconds centre steer again and resume standard forward motion with second gear.

Uses three motors (main drive, gear and steer) and two touch sensors (bump and steer position detection).

Suggestion for further developments: it is possible to build a "slope sensor" that makes the car switch to the first gear when the path gets steep.

Top view.

A particular of the sensor used to know when the steer is centered. Note the bumper too.

Bottom view. From left to right: the differential gear on the wheel axle, the fixed and the shifting axles of the speed gear.

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