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My first "big one". A joint-venture with my brother Giulio for a two RCXs, six motors, six sensors, pneumatic robot.


- The vehicle starts and follows a large black line on the floor using two light sensors to drive the steer. RCX 1 runs main drive, steer and air compressor.
- When the front bumper detects an "obstacle", RCX 1 stops the vehicle and send a message to RCX 2 to get it removed.
- RCX 2 controls the arm and the pneumatic hand. Sequence is: lower arm, close hand, raise arm, turn right arm (off the path), open hand (drop obstacle), center arm again.
- When RCX 2 ends its task, control is back again to RCX 1 that resumes motion.

The air compressor is started by RCX 1, but max air pressure is controlled through Bert van Dam's pneumatic switch.

We used:

RCX 1: two light sensors (to detect black line), one touch sensor (bumper), three motors (air pump, main drive, steer control).

RCX 2: one touch sensor (arm vertical position), one Hall-effect sensor (arm rotation), three motors (arm up/down, arm right/left, open/close pneumatic valve for hand).

S5 builds itself (ok, I'm just joking!)

Left side view.

Top view.

Detail of the left side. Note the red Hall-effect sensor that detects central arm position, and the motor-driven pneumatic valve.

Detail of the right side. Pressure control switch on top and air pump below.

My daughter's Camilla (5) "code" to program S5 :-)

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