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This is an implementation, in terms of Lego bricks, of the SHRIMP high mobility wheeled rover designed by the Autonomous Systems Lab based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In this form it's not actually a robot but just a vehicle that could be used as a base to develop an all terrain wheeled robot.

I did my best to reproduce the original design. Shrimp features 6 wheels: one front wheel mounted on an articulated fork; one rear wheel directly connected to the body; two wheels mounted on two lateral bogies. Each wheel is driven by its own independent motor.
It performs amazingly well on many surfaces and against many obstacles. It's a real pleasure to see its structure adapt to the terrain.

Like the original, my Lego SHRIMP is able to ovecome steps of twice its wheel diameter and can climb stairs.

In order to achieve stability during motion Shrimp adapt its structure in a purely passively way.

Close up of the front wheel group. All of the six wheels are powered with the same design.

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