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Serious NXT Soccer Game

During 2010, the Mindstorm's guru Daniele Benedettelli and I joined our efforts in a common project: a fully autonomous soccer game system based on the MindstormsS NXT system.

The robot players are autonomous, they sense the HiTechnic IR Ball using the HiTechnic IRseeker V2. They localize themselves on the field using the CODATEX RFID sensor, that reads the hundreds of RFID transponders placed below the green fabric that makes the field.

The field itself is an automatic system too! It keeps the score on its scoreboard and throw the ball back in. Players and field communicate bidirectionally using Bluetooth.

Visit Daniele's "making of" page to know more about this project.

The Soccer Game was prepared for the Long Night of Research at the TIS Innovation Park of Bolzano, and the video footage you can see on the left was taken there, on 25th September 2010.

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