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When in 2008 the film WALL-E was released, I fall in love with the small robot playing the leading role. I found it so incredibly capable to express emotions that I wanted to take the challenge of making a replica of it.

After many (many!) ours of building I obtained the robot that you see in the pictures, an 11 degree-of-freedom machine, the most complex I had ever built.

My WALL-E was equipped with the following movements/abilities:

  • Motion: Left and right tracks (2 DOFs).
  • Head: rotation, pitch, left side up/down, right side up/down (4 DOFs).
  • Body: tilt, shape of tracks (2 DOFs).
  • Right arm + hand: lift, grab (2 DOFs).
  • Left arm: lift (1 DOFs).

It's 100% Lego, no other parts have been used.

A few years later I was asked to use it during the presentation of the film at a public projection, so I decided to modify it and made it controlled by a remote.

Due the maximum number of channels of the Lego remote control system (8), I had to remove some functionalities. The current version has no more the ability to change the shape of the tracks, the two sections of the head move together, and the left arm cannot move anymore.

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